Annie Calder's newest CD now available!!

UPDATE: Happy to report my CD is currently on first-round ballot for a Grammy, along with a single from it!  So if you're a voting member of NARAS, would love it if you cast your support my way (after listening, of course):

IN MY MIND'S EYE -- Best Folk Album

ODE TO DYLAN -- Best American Roots Song

Listen on my MUSIC page 

or on Spotify (paste in browser):

Let the music roll...

Annie :)


Thanks to the able help of CDBaby & Discmakers, I did it!  My newest CD, IN MY MIND'S EYE, is now available for listening, streaming, following and buying on your favorite music sites and retailers.  Let the music cheer you up a bit as you recover from the latest flu bug and prepare to file your 2017 taxes (that's what I'll be doing too)... 

For those of you who buy a physical CD, check out the "secret song" (but you have to find it first) :)

Music hugs,  Annie

[the CD's cover art was created by amazing Australian folk artist, Alana Bosgra]

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