Annie Calder, a relative newcomer to the indie music scene, has quickly established herself as an award-winning songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer in the US and UK.  She delights both listeners and fans with her subtle bits of humor interwoven amongst deeply personal, often poignant exposes of life and love.

Originally from Orange County, CA and now living both there and in NYC, Annie has managed to meld 60s folk/rock and Celtic folk with contemporary alternative acoustic influences. to create her unique, bi-coastal, "Annie" sound.  Alhough her songs are cleverly (and often humorously) written from an adult perspective, Annie's soothing vocals, catchy melodies and universal themes can be enjoyed by young, old and everyone in between.

Annie Calder is lead singer of the NYC-based indie band ENDORPHIN ANNIE, as well as co-lead singer (with Bruce Gordon) and keyboardist in the Brooklyn-based 60s classic folk/rock duo, VINTAGE PEEPLE.